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About This Campaign

Taco Bell launched this campaign to help transform the lives of hungry families around the world – and to encourage friends like you to get involved. On behalf of our Feed the Beat artists, some of which are helping to build awareness for this cause, we ask you to join us in the fight to end world hunger. For more on Feed the Beat, visit: http://www.facebook.com/feedthebeat

Just $1 donated to World Hunger Relief helps feed 4 hungry children, one meal per day. We have an ambitious goal to meet, but we know we can reach it with your help. THANK YOU for your support!

Current Campaign Status

Raised to Date $11,567
Campaign Goal $10,000
Donations 37
Days Left 0

The World Food Programme is funded solely by voluntary donations. Your donation makes a real difference in the fight against hunger.

Most Recent Donations

October 21st David Stevens $25.00
God Bless those who help those most in need!
October 19th Tony Rossi $10.00
I'm glad Jack and White were selected to be part of this effort to feed the hungry.
October 18th Barbara Gotti $5.00
October 17th Taco Bell $10,000.00
We make this donation on behalf of our fans and Feed the Beat artists. Thanks for your support!
October 16th Alexa Altolaguirre $2.00
October 14th Rachael Duncanson $5.00
This is awesome! Althought it is not much hope my 5 bucks help....Ill let my friends know and whoever else, hopefully we can help fill up some hungry peoples rumbling bellys.
October 13th Sharon Garfield $25.00
October 13th Danielle Ambers $10.00
October 11th Blake Flaherty $25.00
Love each other
October 11th Alison Finnarn $4.00
October 7th Marcy Beasley $50.00
This donation is in HONOR of FreeSol, a great band of guys!
October 6th Emily Swoboda $10.00
October 6th Matt Garfield $5.00
October 6th Michael Jimenez $5.00
Anything to help out and fight world hunger, it's the right thing to do.
October 5th Kelly Black $5.00
October 5th Jacob Hewitt $1.00
I know its only a dollar but if I can help out in any other way such as volunteering or anything let me know!
October 5th Chad Woolard $5.00
God Bless!
October 5th Jacob Hackelton $25.00
Hunger is a terrible feeling tht no one should feel. Especially not these poor children :(
October 5th Ian Hanger $10.00
October 5th Kelly Cornacchia $100.00

About the World Food Programme

The World Food Programme (WFP) fights hunger worldwide, saving lives during emergencies while building a better future for the next generation. WFP reaches hungry people wherever and whenever we are needed the most. We’re funded solely by voluntary donations. More Information